THE Michael Bozarth

Competitive, sure. Loyal? Absolutely. Michael Bozarth (known only as ‘Bozarth’ in the Dingle-Schafter lexicon) and Jack’s first encounters were on the field. As in ‘track and field’. Bozarth was a veteran thrower – hammer, shot put… well, according to Mac who – when asked for the purposes of this blurb – said he (and this is a real quote)  “threw all the things”. So, Bozarth was pretty much King of Throwing All the Things. And along comes upstart Jack, who also wanted to throw all the things. Sometimes Bozarth would win all the ribbons. Sometimes Jack would win all the ribbons. But, on one fine day in Birmingham, Alabama, both men won it all with their teammates – the Men’s Conference Championship. And then it didn’t really matter who was the King of Throwing All the Things (just kidding, that always mattered, but at least they were both smiling no matter what).