The Groomsmen

THE Bill Li (Best Man)

Bill Li. Often said as one word, “BillLi!” is one of Jacks oldest and best friends (Bill Li isn’t really that old. Just clarifying. But he is absolutely a ‘best’). Currently in his second year of medical school, Bill has assured us he has not changed, or gotten at all ‘hoity toity’ just because he is on his way to becoming a doctor. This impressive young man is still sleeping through classes just like he did in high school. We can’t wait to have Bill back in Maine!

THE Michael Bozarth

Competitive, sure. Loyal? Absolutely. Michael Bozarth (known only as ‘Bozarth’ in the Dingle-Schafter lexicon) and Jack’s first encounters were on the field. As in ‘track and field’. Bozarth was a veteran thrower – hammer, shot put… well, according to Mac who – when asked for the purposes of this blurb – said he (and this is a real quote)  “threw all the things”. So, Bozarth was pretty much King of Throwing All the Things. And along comes upstart Jack, who also wanted to throw all the things. Sometimes Bozarth would win all the ribbons. Sometimes Jack would win all the ribbons. But, on one fine day in Birmingham, Alabama, both men won it all with their teammates – the Men’s Conference Championship. And then it didn’t really matter who was the King of Throwing All the Things (just kidding, that always mattered, but at least they were both smiling no matter what).

THE Gabe Dingle

When little Gabe Dingle was in Middle School, Jack Schafer was the big deal high school football playing mentor who would come into Gabe’s classroom to work with the kids once a week. When Jack took an interest in Mac and realized Gabe was her little brother, Jack traded cell phone numbers with Gabe. Sure, Jack was looking for connection with Mac through her little brother, but what he didn’t realize was the street cred Gabe suddenly had in middle school society. Clearly being a groomsman is payback for all the adoration Gabe received from the guys and ladies back then. Of course, at that time, Gabe looked up to Jack. Now Gabe is 6’5. Things are a bit different.

THE Sam Dingle

Sure, the fact that Sam still leaps into Jack’s arms when he is scared is a bit creepy. And, yes, the fact that Jack randomly calls out ‘Saaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm!’ when he misses him is… well… odd for a man who is about to be married… to Sam’s sister. But we think both young men can put these strangenesses to rest for the Big Day and focus on Mac’s happiness. (No, no we don’t. But we had to say that here so Mac would not be worried).

THE James Schafer

Once, James locked Jack in a shed and Jack got mad and destroyed it from the inside. And then Jack got in wicked big trouble. No, seriously. That is what brothers do. And now James is going to stand beside Jack as he gets married because, well, that is also what brothers do. We are hoping James does not lock Jack in the barn up in Maine, and have no way to guarantee that will not happen. But we have keys. And also our belief that James likes Mac enough to wait to lock Jack up anywhere until the ceremony is over. Who knows?! We can’t wait to see what happens!

THE Aaron Schafer (Ring Bear(er))

Aaron Schafer is a big lover of cherry tomatoes. Seriously. Big. As is sadly true, the innocence of youth is often, and unexpectedly, crushed beyond repair. Recently, reality came crashing down all around our young hero, when his family rocked up to a local farm and Aaron was told that cherry tomatoes are now out of season. The screaming and crying that followed were note-worthy (and also, we hear, rather loud). Parents James and Lucy were quick on the case. There was only one thing to do, shift the love to… pumpkin seeds. Aaron is working hard to keep them in his mouth. And not on his head. We’ll see how that goes over the coming months, as he also practices for his role as… the Ring Bear(er).