The Bridesmaids

Vanessa Bacorn, MoH

Vanessa. Ginger (and ‘Ging’ (soft ‘g’)). Bacon-ator. Friend, Roman, Countryman… This Jersey Girl met our lovely Bride during their freshman year at Centre College in Danville Kentucky and the two never looked back. Roommates from sophomore year on, there were no two girls on campus with more recognizable laughs, screams, couple Halloween costumes, or with messier rooms (Seriously. Their rooms were legendary (and possibly condemnable)). Now living, working, and playing in Austin, Texas, we can’t wait to have this girl in Maine for the Big Day.

Meighan Dingle Blanco

Mac’s cousin and adopted big sister is inspiration embodied. Great Mom. Great friend. Great daughter, sister, cousin, niece, wife, neighbor… 10K runner, half marathoner, marathoner… model, painter, extremely safe and licensed driver of the Cool Bus. Honestly, the only thing we can name that she has not conquered are the hives that seem to spontaneously erupt, and tears that flow, when she is tasked with choosing paint colors (we expect she will have overcome that small blemish in her reputation by the wedding date).

Meagan Foster (Fost-ah)

Meagan. Meggie-muffins. Fost-ah (you yell this last one, always. Also you make it sound all sorts of Boston, as in, ‘FAWSTAH!’ (get it right for the wedding, k?)). Mac and Meagan have known each other since their days at Swallow Union Elementary School. Good girls to the core, they really only got into one teeny bit of trouble with the whole bomb thing in eighth grade (a non incident really. Go ahead, ask them about it. They really love telling that story.) Meagan is currently in medical school (possibly hoping to head off future bomb tragedies for her own children (because the attraction to explosive devices has been proven to be hereditary)) and we are thrilled she will be able to join us (and keep us all safe) at the wedding.

Stephanie Hilen (Steph)

Our resident artist and creative genius, Steph (seriously, check out her website!) lives and works and paints in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky – just a stone’s throw (okay, more like a stone’s hurl) away from where she and Mac met at Centre College. Teammates on Centre’s track team, they both jumped over stuff (Steph got to jump over hurdles and a high bar, and Mac got to jump over dirt (okay…sand). Sometimes they got to run fast between white lines, proving they were both über coordinated. But mostly, they could be found laughing and lounging on very large blue mats. We can’t wait to have Steph back in Maine!

Krissy Raque

“Krissy!” (If you can scream that with a very high and squeaky voice, you will know what it is like when Mac sees Krissy Raque). A friend and classmate at Centre, down in Kentucky, Krissy was the ring leader and chief organizer of their crazy posse. With innate talents including fashion decisions for formals, theme party outfit design (especially Forth of July themed parties – just ask!) and an astounding ability to name any paper, any time, anywhere with such flair that you were guaranteed at least a half-grade bump. Currently living and working in Louisville, Kentucky, we are looking forward to her guidance and Dingle wrangling come July.

Avery, FGe

As Flower Girl (extraordinaire), Miss Avery has a very special role to play in the ceremony and accompanying festivities of Mac’s and Jack’s day. Taking her job seriously, one of her very first questions after accepting the position was, “Will I have to cut little pieces of paper to throw at people, or will I get flowers?” Huh. ‘AT people’. I suppose we should be prepared for just about anything…