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This is our first official blog post for, and follows a super secret mission undertaken over the past eight weeks. We couldn’t write about it at all as Mac is a pretty sleuth-y (as noted by her complete inability to avoid tearing the house apart every single Christmas, looking for her presents, even though she insists she loves to be surprise (we know, don’t ask us to explain it).

When we found out Mac and Jack would be coming east in March, to attend a gaming conference for work, we got to work.

Bridesmaids were immediately engaged, and asked if they wanted to try to have a shower. Since we had no idea when Mac might be back east again, they jumped on the opportunity! A secret texting group was set out, intentionally keeping Jack off of it because Mac might have seen a notification come up and wonder why he was texting with her bridesmaid team!

A theme was arrived at – ‘Praypull and Lellow’ (her favorite childhood colors) along with ‘Disney Happily Ever After’ (because, duh.)

And then the lies were carefully constructed.

Youngest brother Gabe would, as it happened, be home from college on his Spring Break when the shower happened. Brother Sam and his sweetie, Avery, were called – did they want to come in also, so Mac would think it was a ‘family weekend’?

And the bridesmaids… since Vanessa lives in Austin, and Krissy and Steph in Kentucky, how would we hide them if they flew in the day before.


Don’t hide them!


We would tell Mac that we decided that the bridesmaids had never met… that we were having a surprise weekend where Meig and Meag would meet us for lunch on Saturday. Mom would take notes as all the bridesmaids got to know each other and talked about the wedding.

And then the day before the shower came.

Mac and Jack worked away in the upstairs office.

Mom lied about heading out for errands, Dad shortly after said he was going out for coffee.

Both headed for the airport – Mom with room in her truck for five humans, Dad with room in his car for their bags.  As it turned out, all five travelers met in Baltimore and got to fly up to Manchester on the same plane.

We got home and snuck inside.

Mac had already set aside half the day to work on wedding stuff (with Mom) so she was done with work and spiffing herself up for lunch.

Brother Sam and girlfriend Avery (as opposed to Flower Girl Avery) surprised Mac upstairs…



And then Mac came downstairs to find three of her bestest friends…




And a wonderful rest of the day and evening was had by all (partially due to a mega-bed set up in the playroom).

Then the next day.

Mom headed out early for a ‘haircut’… which involved meeting Meig and Meag at the ‘scene of the crime’ to set up. Auntie Anna, Emily, and Mary had cake duty and met us there as well… and transforming the room began!

Before we knew it, Vanessa was texting that Mac was in the parking lot. Flower Girl Avery’s first, ‘very important and specific job’ (her words) was about to take place. She completed her task flawlessly (well, other than a slight hesitation at the door of the room because, as she later explained, she thought we were all going to ‘hide’ (this would have been difficult as there was really nowhere to ‘hide’ 35 humans in the room)).

“SURPRISE!” was the best we could do…


Totally worked.

The Bridesmaids did a wonderful job. Auntie Anna’s cake was spectacular. Laughter and magic and love and generosity were on display, big time.

There are more photos of the shower in the gallery at the bottom of the website, but we’ll leave you with a few of our faves…


Meig and Mac, moment of surprise


Auntie Anna’s Mac Libs


Think they nailed the Disney part of the theme?


The Bridal Crew


Artwork by Stephanie Hilen, crime scene thumbprints by the rest of us :))

Only 113 days to go – we can’t believe it!

If you haven’t made your reservation at Ocean Gate, do it! All the information you need is available under the ‘Where, When, Why, How’ menu. Ocean Gate is right behind the wedding/reception site  and you’ll be able to stroll on over.

Stay tuned! :))